Web Portal Diaspora Online at Service for Serbs in Diaspora

Web Portal Diaspora Online (www.dijasporanavezi.rs) has been promoted in the presence of a large number of media and organizations for cooperation with the Diaspora at Media and Reform Center Nis. This portal is the result of the same project implemented by Media and Reform Center Nis, which is supported by the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the City of Nis Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora.

 dijasporanis.com - dijaspora na vezi

The coordinator of the project Diaspora Online Ivana Ilic-Stojadinovic said that the aim of this web portal was to generate news from the Diaspora and to serve as a source of information, primarily for Serbs living outside their homeland  and vice versa to inform the homeland about the activities and actions in the Diaspora. “We came up with the idea of ​​forming such web portal after discussions at the round tables held in Media and Reform Center where representatives from the Diaspora pointed out as major problem is that they had nowhere to present information about their activities. This was the impetus to launch a website that contains information in various fields – economy, culture, education, sports … “.

 The project Diaspora Online is one of over two hundred projects funded this year by the Directorate for Diaspora and Serbs in the Region of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Assistant Director of Directorare Vukman Krivokuca says that for “a total of 85,000,000 dinars have been allocated for financing of these projects. We have supported projects that promote economic, scientific, cultural, educational and sports cooperation with both the Diaspora and our region. „.

City of Nis through its Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora is the partner in the project Diaspora Online. The Head of the Office Bojana Pejcic notes that” the objective of this project is not just dissemination of the information and that  this is also a strategic project, with room for development which is reflected in the fact that it opens the door for new international cooperation.”

 During the presentation the journalist from Canada Zoran Kljajic addressed the public over Skype who said that the existence of such a portal could be of use, because it was the fact that the media in the Serbian language in Canada were shutting down because of the lack of money.

The coordinator Ivana Ilic-Stojadinovic noted that although the project Diaspora Online would last until July there was possibility that the web portal would function longer because

in just three weeks, as far as the site has been active, a lot of interested parties called to place their advertisements on www.dijasporanavezi.rs.