City of Nis is:

- Hospitable and full of happenings, it is the venue of Nisville Jazz Festival, NIMUS, Film Festival, Nisomnia;
- The gateway between East and West connecting Europe and Middle East;
- One of the oldest cities in Europe, as evidenced by numerous pre-historic archaeological sites (Bubanj, Humska cuka);
- The city is rich in magnificent natural resources, mountain ranges, spas and caves;
- The birth city of famous Roman Emperor Constantine the Great and the city where the central celebration of 1700 anniversary of Edict of Milan signing and recognition of Christianity took place;

Nis Tourism Organization official web site offers the information about how to get to Nis, about Nis history, its museums, cultural and historic monuments, churches and monasteries, cultural events, possibilities for active recreation, entertainment, sport and shopping, accommodation capacity, Nis surroundings and nearby resorts, service information and alike.

You can download Nis City Tourism Development Strategy 2011 – 2016 here.

*data are subject to change
**for all additional information please contact Office for Cooperation with Diaspora