The Third Cycle of Free Serbian Language Classes for Young People from Diaspora

City of Nis is implementing for the third time the Project “SO THAT THE WHOLE WORLD CAN UNDERSTAND YOU 03″ in cooperation with the University of Nis Faculty of Philosophy and CSOs Proactive. The implementation of the project activities is financed by the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Foreign Affairs.časovi_m-315x175

 The project envisages a three-month free course in the Serbian language for children and youth from Diaspora over Skype. The overall objective of the project is the usage, learning, preserving and fostering Serbian language and the Cyrillic alphabet, preserving and fostering Serbian cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious identity. The purpose of the project is motivating and training children and youth in the context of a free three-month course in Serbian for Diaspora over Skype, where the Serbian language teachers are the students of the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis. Upon the completion of the course the students from Diaspora receive a certificate of knowledge of Serbian language issued by the Faculty. The program is intended for children and youth from the Diaspora, between 8 to 30 years of age, and the fourth year students and graduates of the study group for the Serbian language, who passed the exam on language teaching methodology.

 This year’s three-month online course and individual classes will involve 28 young people from the Diaspora, 26 students from the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis and 2 mentors. In addition to the great interest and the number of applications received, the advantage was given to those who have not had the opportunity to participate in this project so far, and who were born in the Diaspora. 26 young people from 9 countries in Diaspora were given the opportunity to learn Serbian language (Greece, Great Britain, Norway, Poland, France, Germany, Canada, Australia and Italy). Most applications were received from Greece. The average age of the selected participants from the Diaspora was 16.