Agency for Restitution (the Agency) was established in accordance with the Law on Property Restitution and Compensation (Official Gazette RS, No. 72/2011) in order to proceed procedures and decisions on claims for property restitution and compensation, to provide expert assistance to claimants and return payers, to keep records prescribed by the Law, to report annually to government, through the ministry competent for finance procedures, about jobs from its competence, as well as other jobs prescribed by the Law (Article 55).

Headquarters of the Agency is in Belgrade. Agency has its regional units in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Nis and Novi Sad which are established for municipality territory pursuit to regulations which regulate regional development (Article 53), as well as unit for confessional restitution in Belgrade. Agency covers subjects, funds for the work, archives and employed in Direction for Restitution (Article 63, Paragraph 2).

On the basis of claim for restitution the Agency, as public agency, leads the proceeding through its regional units in accordance with the Law on Property Restitution and Compensation and the Law that regulates general administrative proceedings (Article 40. paragraph 1).

Agency for Restitution
Office Nis
Address: Bulevar dr Zorana Djindjica 17b
Info Center: +381 18 4150 720
Fax: 018 4150 712

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