Promotion of Investment Potentials of Nisava and Pirot Districts

Regional Development Agency South has prepared the Catalog of Investment Potentials of Nisava and Priot Districts within the project Cross-border Cooperation for the Establishment of the Centre to Attract Investors and Support to Public-Private Partnership, which is funded by the European Union through the IPA CBC Bulgaria-Serbia. This catalog provides an opportunity to all interested investors, domestic and foreign, to choose from a range of locations for investment in southern Serbia and to familiarize themselves with the terms of investment. - katalog-investicionih-potencijala-nisavskog-i-pirotskog-okruga

Interested parties can find basic information about human resources, infrastructure, state financial assistance, tax incentives, and agreements on free trade. The catalogue identified all possible areas and projects for public and private partnership in the region for Nisava and Pirot districts. It is possible to find the analyses of the number of laws such as the Law on Public Procurement, the Law on Public Utilities and others. Their interaction is explained in details and the best way for their implementation, which will significantly facilitate investors’ understanding of the environment for investment.

The catalogue can be downloaded from  or from the website of the City of Nis Office for Cooperation with Diaspora.