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The Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora was established on 18th May, 2013 under the auspices of the City Administration – Mayor’s office, as a pioneering office of this type in Serbia, with a task to, for the first time in Nis, establish systematized cooperation and connection between the city of Nis and its citizens living outside the borders of Serbia. Our aim is to regain their trust in their country of origin and improve their position and the position of the Serbs in the region.


The term diaspora applies to the citizens of the Republic of Serbia living outside the borders of their country of origin, in emigration and the region (on the territory of Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Albania).

Providing support to our citizens from abroad in regulating status issues is reflected in the form of administrative and informative help in obtaining documents from the City administration. The office works on the principle of allocation of personal assistants who provide information about the work of the City administration and state institutions, citizenship, personal documents, health, retirement and disability insurance, etc. For more information, please visit dijasporanis.com/eng/status-issues.

Through projects, the Office creates partnerships with the diaspora and local institutions in the form of applying for a number of application calls of national and foreign agencies and in the form of implementation of activities directed towards the diaspora and the people, originally from Nis, who have returned to their home town. Potential investors from the diaspora may find relevant information about possible investment in Nis in the Office. For more information, please visit www.dijasporanis.com/eng/economy.

Through research, our Office is the first to have started the collection and processing of data on the diaspora from the field, on its importance and attitudes of the people of Nis about the life outside the borders of Serbia. The aim is to raise awareness and do away with the superstition among the young who want to leave their home country in order to work or study abroad, and also to encourage our people to return to the country of origin. The results of completed studies are available on our website www.dijasporanis.com/eng/research.


According to the latest data, it is estimated that four million citizens of Serbia live in the diaspora and the region.

Seven thousand PhD holders have been registered to live abroad, while the number reaches 20.000 unofficially.

188 thousand people who have acquired their pension abroad live in Serbia. In this way, Serbia earns 511 million euros annually.

It is estimated that citizens Serbia who live in the diaspora generate the cash flow of five billion euros, annually, which is 700 euros per capita.

The Opinion of the Citizens of Nis about the Most Significant Task of the Office (December, 2013)

• 41% – establishing cooperation in the fields of education, culture and sport
• 28,4% – establishing economic cooperation
• 22,1% – providing administrative and informative support to the members of the diaspora
• 8,3% – providing help and solutions to problems in the process of obtaining documents

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