Nis City Office for Cooperation with Diaspora opened

The citizens of this part of Serbia who live abroad will be enabled through newly created Nis City Office for Cooperation with Diaspora to establish direct communication with local authorities through simplified procedure and to obtain a rapid and effective response to all questions since Nis City Mayor Zoran Perisic and Republic of Serbia Office for Cooperation with Diaspora and Serbs in the Region Director Slavka Draskovic signed the Protocol on Cooperation.


“Diaspora is not only important for us when they come home on vacation; they are part of us, our cultural and national identity. This office is only part of the plan for the future to turn toward each other and realize that we need to stick together and preserve our national identity. If necessary, this office will be working 24 hours a day, so that the Serbs living in Diaspora can get all the answers and all that they need“ as Mayor Perisic said.

Serbian citizens in Diaspora will be able to ask questions via Internet directly to officers working in Nis City Office for Cooperation with Diaspora. This will facilitate obtaining of all necessary information and documents and enable direct communication between our citizens in the Diaspora and local institutions.

„This is the best way for Nis to connect with its citizens living in Diaspora. This Office will provide to our people living in Diaspora fast responses to their requests in relation to obtaining visas, citizen certificates and alike and on the other hand it will gather the information related to the interest in investing in Serbia. Serbs living in Diaspora send to their relatives in serbia anout 2.7 billion Euros annually. If we could reach that amont through the investments that would be a success. Having the offices like this one gives the opportunity to achieve this“as Mrs. Slavka Draskovic, the Director of Republic of Serbia Office for Cooperation with Diaspora and Serbs in the Region said.

One of the tasks of this office is to promote investment opportunities and to create favorable conditions to attract new foreign investors.

The office will establish cooperation and work on networking with the Serbian organizations, associations and churches in Diaspora, in order to share experiences primarily in the fields of culture, sports, science and education.

Also the task of the office will be to inform the citizens of Nis aboutl living adn working abroad and thus contribute to the prevention of brain drain from Serbia.