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Detailed information about Greenfield Investment Locations can be found at the official website of the Nis City Office for Local Economic Development

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Business Premises to Rent

The procedure for leasing the business premises which are being managed by the City of Nis is carried out in accordance with the Regulation on Acquisition and Disposal of Real Estate by Direct Negotiation, Leasing Property in Public Ownership and Tendering and Public Bidding Procedures (Republic of Serbia Official Gazette No 24/2012) and with Decision on Acquisition, Disposal and Management of the Property owned by City of Nis (City of Nis Official Gazette, No. 67/13).



The process of privatization is regulated by law and it is enforced by relevant institutions. Agency for Privatization, according to legal regulations (Law on Agency for Privatization, RS Official Gazette No.38/01, 135/04 and 30/10; Law on Privatization RS Official Gazette No 38/01, 18/03, 45/2005, 123/2007 – other laws  and 30/10 – other laws; Law on Equity Fund, RS Official Gazette, No 38/01 and 45/04; Law on Bankruptcy, RZS Official Gazette No 104/09, 99/11 – other laws and  71/12 – decision by the Constitutional Court) independently mediates in the procedure of selling publicly owned properties in the privatization process, as well as initiates, promotes and controls the privatization procedure.

The Regional Center of the Agency is formed in Nis for more efficient performance. The role of local self-government in the privatization process is limited to giving opinion requested by Agency related to initiative for the privatization of publically owned companies based on the Article 9, Paragraph 1, Point 9 of the Law on the Agency of Privatization.

Portfolio of the Agency for Privatization includes 153 companies undergoing the process of restructuring and 419 other companies which have not been privatized. Upon the request from the Ministry of Economy and in cooperation with Agency for Privatization, all the above mentioned companies prepared their identity portfolios during September and October 2013 which comprised the data on their finances and assets and the business operations of the company.

The review of the identity documents and profiles of all stated companies, grouped by their operations, can be found at the official website of the Ministry of Economy:

List of the Companies with Identity Portfolios on Nis City Territory

  1. MIN Lokomotiva a.d.  – a joint stock company for the manufacture and repair of rail vehicles; products & services: repair and maintenance of other transport equipment.
  2. MIN Vagonka a.d.  – a joint stock company for manufacture and repair of rail vehicles and other equipment (under restructuring); products & services: production of locomotives and rail vehicles.
  3.  ELMAG d.o.o  EI Company for the maintenance of infrastructure within EI Complex; products & services: electric power distribution
  4. Water Management Company Juzna Morava (under restructuring); products & services: construction of hydraulic structures.
  5. Company for vocational rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities Vuk Karadzic d.o.o. (under restructuring); products & services: printing shop
  6. Metalac d.o.o. (under restructuring); products & services: steel construction and hardware
  7. Company for vocational rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities Elmont d.o.o.; products & services: servicing electric motors and performing electrical work.
  8. EI Holding Corporation a.d. (under restructuring); products & services: management and financial services
  9. EI Komerc d.o.o. (under restructuring); products & services: wholesale of electrical household appliances.
  10. EI Company for design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of process and business information system and digital devices Racunari d.o.o.; products & services: communication equipment manufacturing.
  11. MIN Jedinstvo d.o.o.; products & services: mechanical processing of metal
  12. EI Industrijska elektronika d.o.o. (Industrial Electronics); products & services: manufacturing of electronic components.
  13. EI Fabrika masinskih delova d.o.o. (Company for Manufacturing Mechanical Parts); products & services: manufacturing of electronic components.
  14. EI Profesionalna elektronika d.o.o. (Professional Electronics); products & services: processing industry.
  15. EI 7. oktobar d.o.o.; products & services: manufacturing measuring, testing and navigation instruments and devices.
  16. EI Sastavni delovi d.o.o.; products & services: manufacturing electronic components.
  17. Public Water Management Company Erozija; products & services: construction of hydraulic structures.
  18. Trading Company for Trading Goods Inter – Best; products & services: non-specialized trade of food and beverages and wholesale tobacco.
  19. Public company for selling building materials and other products Inles; products & services: wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment.
  20. Public company for wholesale and retail trade Frank komerc; products & services: non-specialized stores for mainly food, beverages and retail tobacco.
  21. Public Enterprise for Radio and TV Broadcasting Niska televizija: products & services: radio and TV broadcasting.
  22. MIN Electronic Computer Center MIN ERC a.d.; products & services: computer programming
  23. MIN Holding Co.; products & services: management and financial services.
  24. A joint stock company for quality testing – Kvalitet; products & services: technical testing and analyses.
  25.  MIN Institut a.d. – for scientific research and development; products & services: research and development in the sector of other natural and technical sciences.
  26. Joint Stock Company for surveying and engineering Geodetski biro; products & services: other professional, scientific and technical activities.
  27. Public Tourism and Trading Company – Mondial; products & services: travel agency services.
  28. Institute for Treatment and Rehabilitation Niska Banja .
  29. Company for selling and maintenance of technical devices   – Gorenje Servis. products & services: repair of computers and peripheral equipment.

Source: Republic of Serbia Ministry of Economy

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