Guide for Investors

- Reasons to Invest in Serbia – Brochure in English can be downloaded here.


- Interim Trade Agreement with EU
- Free Trade Agreement with Russian Federation
- Free Trade Agreement with Belarus
- General System of Preferences
- Free Trade Agreement with Turkey
- Free Trade Agreement with EFTA countries
- Free Trade Agreement with Kazakhstan

You can find more detailed information about agreements signed by Republic of Serbia at the official website of SIEPA – Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency.

Investment Incentives

Grants may be awarded to local and international companies to finance investment projects in the production sector and the sector of services which may be the subject of international trade and strategic projects in the field of tourism.

Source: SIEPA

You can find more about the incentives and benefits for investing in Nis at the official website of SIEPA  – Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency.

Tax Rates

Comprehensive presentation of tax rates can be found at at the official website of SIEPA  – Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency.

Location – Logistics, Easy Access to Market, Corridors X and VII and International Airport Constantine the Great

As a logistics base, Serbia is an ideal place to locate a company that wants to do business and serves its customers from the European Union, South-Eastern and Central Europe in the most efficient manner. Serbia borders with EU countries, offering the possibility of production outside the EU. At the same time, operations on its territory can meet all the conditions of doing business outside EU, with the ability to provide services and transport with respect to planned and flexible time frames.

Outstanding geographical location of Nis within the Balkan region along with the fact that the city is at the crossroads and near various European transport corridors, offers a unique opportunity that for this part of Europe to be far more developed, including the development of the logistics sector, thanks to the proximity of the EU corridors X and VII.

The main transport axis, highway and railway, coming from Belgrade to Nis, are branching off to the South, leading to Thessaloniki and Athens (E75), to East towards Sofia and Istanbul and further on to the Middle East (E80).

Air traffic is done via the Airport Constantine the Great, the second largest passenger and cargo airport in Serbia. The airport is located in an area with good weather all year round and with a small number of cloudy and snowy days.

More about Airport Constantine the Great at:

Human Resources – University, Network of Vocational Secondary Schools, Industrial Tradition and Competitive Labor Price

According to census from 2011, there are 260.237 citizens in Nis.

The quality of intellectual capital in Nis is based on education system which schools highly educated, fast learning, multilingual and IT literate people. Technical education is particularly strong.

15.000 students go to secondary schools (4 comprehensive high schools, 2 art schools, 1 technical, 1 School of Economics, 1 School of Commerce, 1 School of Tourism and Catering, 1 School of Law and Administration, 1 Medical School, 1 Chemical School, 1 Food Processing and Production School.

Na fakultetima During academic year of 2012/2013 there were 27.884 students attending all levels of study at the faculties of Nis University. 22.531 students were attending basic vocational and academic studies. Out of this number there are 60 foreigners (23 from Greece, 7 from Montenegro, 5 from Macedonia, 5 from Jordan, 2 from Germany, 1 from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Turkey, USA, Australia and other countries).

1.719 students are attending master academic studies, 52 students are attending specialist degree vocational studies, 10 students are attending master specialist degree academic studies, 1.377 are working on getting their PhD degree. There are 1.594 teachers and associates working at University of Nis.

58.557 students graduated at the University of Nis, which is the second largest university in Serbia, since its establishment in 1965 up to academic year of 2012/2013. Out of that number 1.347 were foreigners. 2.538 students obtained their Master degrees and 1492 obtained their PhD degrees.

The University of Niš is a state-governed educational and research institution. At present, the University comprises 13 faculties:

- Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
- Faculty of Economy
- Faculty of Electronic Engineering
- Faculty of Medicine
- Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
- Faculty of Law
- Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics
- Faculty of Occupational Safety
- Faculty of Fine Arts
- Faculty of Sport and Physical Education
- Faculty of Philosophy
- Faculty of Technology in Leskovac
- Teacher-training Faculty in Vranje

You can find more information about University of Nis at

Along with the 13 faculties of the University of Nis, there is a growing number of private colleges. There are 7 such private colleges in cities with curricula in accordance with the modern education systems.

Recognition of the Degrees obtained at Foreign Universities

You can find more information at the official web site of University of Nis.


On the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, there is a part dedicated to the Department of Employment, with the laws, rules, strategies, recruitment plans and projects, links to employment agencies and information about volunteering.

National Employment Service provides assistance in finding a job, starting a new business or advising in respect of (self) employment, but also provides the required workers to employers.

You can find more information at the National Employment Service Official Website.

National Employment Service, Nis Office
Address: Ratka Vukicevica 3
Phone: +381 18 501 266
Fax: +381 18 501 242

Building Permits

Department for Capital Investments at Nis City Administration for Planning and Construction assists investors with the process of obtaining building permits for the shortest possible time.

Frequently Asked Questions can be seen here.

You can download the Guide for Obtaining Building Permits here.

You can find here the request forms for Nis City Administration for Planning and Construction

Fast Registration

Register your company at Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) at one-stop-counter with simplified and expedited administrative procedure.

One-stop-counter registration has been established by unifying the procedures for starting business operations at one place and by linking electronically Serbian Business Registers Agency, Tax Administration, Republic Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance, Republic Health Insurance Fund.

If you want to open a company or a shop, you should submit the following documents to Serbian Business Registers Agency:

- Application form for registering legal entity (the application form can be found at Serbian Business Registers Agency website: for companies here, for entrepreneurs here);

- Supporting documents (instructions can be found at Serbian Business Registers Agency website: for companies here, for entrepreneurs here),

- Confirmation of the payment of founding fee (the fee rates can be found at Serbian Business Registers Agency website: for companies here, for entrepreneurs here),

- Proof of payment of administrative fee to Republic Institute of Statistics for registration number of the company (important note: fee is paid only for establishing a company).

Within 5 days, at the SBRA counter, you can pick up the certificate that your legal entity has been registered, together with the registration number, tax identification number and healthcare insurance number (issued by the Republic Fund of Health Insurance).

Source: SIEPA

Serbian Business Registers Agency, Office Nis
Address: Obrenoviceva bb, TPC Kalca
Block b, I floor, Office No 40
Working Hours: 08-16
Receiving Clients: 09-15
Phone: +381 18 296 002

Department for Entrepreneurship at the Nis City Administration for Economy, Sustainable Development and Environment Protection collects the documents needed for the registration of the entrepreneurs entered into Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA); it also carries out activities in relation to encouragement of private entrepreneurship development by providing information, consultation, administrative – legal and technical service to entrepreneurs, promotional, marketing and educational activities.

Department for Entrepreneurship
Nis City Administration for Economy, Sustainable Development and Environment Protection
Address: Nikole Pasica 24, I floor, Office No 27;
Phone: +381 18 504 450/7/8/9;
Fax: +381 18 504 460

Free Zone South

Free Zone South Ltd. was registered officially in the Serbian Business Registers Agency on December 23, 2011. It covers the territory of City of Nis and Municipality of Prokuplje, which is the co-founder of the company for the management of the Free Zone. Free Zone South covers the area of 28, 5 hectares. The planned investments for the first year of Free Zone functioning are 46.100.000,00 Euros with the opening of 2,250 new jobs.

More about Freee Zone South at:

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