Doing Business



Sector Advantages 

-    significant investments
-    manifacturing and traditons;
-    high priority of sector

(attractive apckages of incentives)

Automotive Industry

Sector Advantage:

-    availability of highly qualified labor force;
-    top-quality of technical secondary and higher education;
-    perfect geographical lcation that contributes to the efficiency of services provided to the buyers from Europe Union and South East Europe;
-    sufficient capacity for large scale production.

Information Technologies

Sector Advantages

-    1.600 innovative companies which hire more than 14.000 people;
-    Microsoft development center established, expected to grow into innovative center
-    Expertise in providing services of developing high quality IT solutions.

Textile Industry

Sector Advantage :

-    one of the most competitive industries in Europe with a significant tradition
numerous and available skilled workforce;
-    plenty of business opportunities, primarily in the field of yarns, fabrics and clothing;
-    existing Free Trade Agreement covers textile products and allows efficient access to various markets.

Renewable Energy

Sector Advantage:

-    favourable conditions for the production of energy from almost all kinds of renewable resources.
-    the renewable energy market saturated and it can accept new investments;
-    big market opportunities: stimulative tariff incentive system in the local market and preferential export opportunities.

 Food Procession

Sector Advantage:

- Processing / packaging of meat and poultry;
- Processing of fruits and vegetables;
- Manufacturing readymade meals and food products;
- Fisheries and fish processing;
- Dried products and baking industry;
- Production of dairy products;
- Manufacture of beverages, beer, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks;
- Alcohol and wine industry.

Foreign Investments

Philip Morris International, Tobacco Industry, USA
Yura Corporation, Automotive Industry, South Korea
Shinwon, Automotive Industry, South Korea
Benetton Group, Textile Industry, Italy
Metro Cash & Carry, Trade, Germany
LMB Soft, Electronics/Medicine, Germany
Harder Digital, Elctronics/Optics, Germany
Haj ararat / Kozmetik plus, Food Processing, Bulgaria
Baticoque, Constructions, France
Kopex, Mechnical Industry /Construction, Polland
Vossloh Cogifer, Mechnical Industry, France
Benlian Food, Food Processing, Bulgarian
Ergo Made, Firnityre Manifacturing, Denmark
PCB Factory, Electronics, France
Engel Systems, Electronics, Spain
Messer, Industrial Gas, Germany
Seavus, IT Sector, Sweden/FYROM
Accordia, IT Sector, USA
Troxo, IT Sector, Sweden
Idea, Trade, Croatia
JYSK, Trade, Denmark
Intermarché/Interex, Trade, France/ Bosna and Herzegovina
Mercator, Trade, Slovenia
OMV, Trade / Petrol Stations,  Austria
Lukoil, Trade / Petrol Stations, Russia
MOL, Trade / Petrol Station, Hungary
NIS Petrol, Trade/ Petrol Station, Russia


Unemployment Data

At the end of September 2013 66.579 people were registered  to have been looking for a job. Out of that number 34.620 were women (51,99%).

The number of the unemployed people in the cities and municipalites covered by Nisava District is as follows: Aleksinac 8.246 (15,5%,), Niska Banja 2.736 (5,1%), Pantelej 6.654 (12,5%),  Crveni Krst 5.025 (9,4%), Palilula 10.676 (20,1%), Medijana 10.759 (20,2%), City of Nis 35.850 (67,3%), which is more than

2/3 out of total number.

16.710 (1,4% ) are looking for the job for the first time.

Of the total number of unemployed persons there are by occupation most: people without vocations (unskilled labor), comprehensive secondary school graduates, people providing personal services  (13,096 or 24.6%), people seeking job in  the sector of mechanical industry and metal processing  (8,493), people seeking job in the sector of economics, law and administration (6,538), trade and tourism (5,102), etc..

Source: National Employment Service  – Office Nis

Statistical Bulletin for September 2013


Laws and Regulations

CustomsHouse Nis

Phone: +381 18 263 212, +381 18 263 222, +381 18 263 232
Address: Димитрија Туцовића 16


Office of the General Manager
Phone: +381 18 263 060, +381 18 261 419
Fax: +381 18 264 450

Customs Office – Nis Railway Station
Phone/Fax: +381 18 4550 230

Customs Office –  Nis Post Office
Phone/Fax: +381 18 265 622

Customs Office  – Nis Airport
Phone/Fax: +381 18 4583 033

Real Estate

List of numerous real estate agencies can be found at:

Information about average prices for houses, flats and busness premises can be found at:


The following clusters are working on the territory of Nis City:

NiCAT, Cluster of Advanced Technologies, Number of Members: 24
Cluster Reciklaza Jug , Number of Members: 12
Cluster Agro Startup,  Number of Members: 26
Construction Startup Cluster  Number of Members: 32
Textile Startup Cluster,  Number of Members: 17
Cluster Services Startup, Number of Members: 45
Medical  Startup Cluster , Number of Members: 54
Construction Clsuter Opeka-Brick, Number of Members 17
Nisava District Textile Cluster, Number of Members: 15
Green Build Cluster, Number of Members: 21
Cheese Cluster Jug, Number of Members: 17
Serbian Cluster of Furniture Manifacturing, Number of Members: 17
Construction Cluster Dundjer, Number of Members: 105
Cluster of designers and printers Design and Printing,  Number of Members: 15
Alliance of business associations and clusters of South East Serbia, Number of Members: 14

You can find more information at:


List of commercial banks working in Nis City territory can be found at:

Insurance Companies

List of insurance companies working in Nis City territory can be found at:

*data are subject to changes
** for all additional information please contact Office for Cooperation for Diaspora