Diaspora More Than Satisfied with Serbian Language Classes

The Project “So That Whole World Can Understand You 03” – which is a three-month free course in Serbian language for children and youth from the Diaspora over Skype, directly involves 28 young people from 9 countries of the world. Here are the impression from the parents of D.P.R. from Great Britain, whose children attend this year course in Serbian over Skype:


Dear organizers of the Serbian language classes,

The first classes were held …. I am writing to you with admiration and gratitude from the heart.

 The teachers are really great teachers and lecturers. They both started to work with my children with such dedication and my children are now even more enthusiastic and they love them. Preparations for classes are excellent; they can serve as exemplary tutorials. They attract full attention of the students because the subject matter is interesting and the method of teaching is serious, friendly and very pleasant. The texts and examples are a little bit difficult so the children have to hard. Diversity can be seen in grammar, literature, customs and knowledge of our people and Serbia.

 My children have always been learning Serbian, but since their dad is from Ireland, we often speak English home. Their dad tries to learn every Serbian word and he tries to speak with children in Serbian. Since they were born I have been persistent in that my children speak to me in Serbian, even when we have guests. In such situations I apologize and explain that I have to speak with my children in Serbia even if it is not polite. And people usually understand and they do not make such a big deal out of it. From my children’s earliest days I have been drawing pictures with our alphabetic letters, which were hung to their bed. We read, talked, wrote Cyrillic. I think this can be seen when we visit Serbia and our relatives and friends say that our children seem as if they were growing up in Serbia, they know how to dance our national dances, and they know how to sing our church songs. People often wonder how they manage to know so much, being surrounded by a foreign language almost all day. I write this as an encouragement to parents who speak to their children in foreign language, and I know, it hurts. Just speak naturally in your mother tongue, be gentle but persistent. Do not you that it is more important what someone who is next to you and who do not speak Serbian thinks. There are not any closer ties than ties between the children and parents. This relationship is best when it is maintained in their native language, in Serbian. You cannot get all gooey in a foreign language. When a child learns a new word in a foreign language, just tell me how to say it in Serbian. Let it be the language that the children feel as their own. It is not difficult. When you do not have many people to speak with in your native tongue certainly vocabulary and sentence structure is limited. But when the professional lecturers get involved such as N. and M. are with all their knowledge and with their heart then you can really walk in big steps. Of course, the acquired knowledge must also be maintained, which is becoming increasingly difficult because of the growing obligations in the English school, a large number and complexity of exams, as well as many school requirements.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you who organized and carried out this noble action

From the bottom of my heart

Mother D.”

City of Nis is implementing for the third time the Project “SO THAT THE WHOLE WORLD CAN UNDERSTAND YOU 03″ in cooperation with the University of Nis Faculty of Philosophy and CSOs Proactive. The implementation of the project activities is financed by the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Foreign Affairs.