Procedure for Acquiring Citizenship

Acquiring of Citizenship by Admission

The simplest way to acquire citizenship of the Republic of Serbia, for all members of the Serbian nation and their descendants who live outside their homeland and who feel that Serbia is their home country, is based on Article 23 of the Law on Citizenship:

The member of Serbian nation, not residing in the Republic of Serbia, is entitled to be admitted into the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia without the release from foreign citizenship provided that he/she has turned 18 and has not been deprived from working capacity and that he/she submits a  written statement recognizing the Republic of Serbia as his own country.

Subject to conditions defined in the Paragraph 1 of this Article, a person born in another republic of former Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY), who had citizenship of that republic or is a citizen of another state created on the territory of former SFRY and who is residing on the territory of the Republic of Serbia as a refugee or expatriate or who has emigrated abroad, can be admitted to citizenship of the Republic of Serbia.

Detailed instructions can be found here.

Acquiring of Citizenship by Origin

Entering in the Register of Births

When the child is born it is necessary to enter the child’s birth into Register of Births in order to facilitate the acquisition of citizenship of the Republic of Serbia, the realization of further rights in the area of the Republic of Serbia and to avoid additional procedure of determining citizenship.

In cases when both parents or one of them, at the time of the child’s birth, are citizens of the Republic of Serbia, and a child is born abroad, an application for registration in the Register of Births, where the citizenship is also recorded, is submitted by a parent via diplomatic and consular missions of Republic of Serbia, covering the territory where the parent who is submitting the application is residing temporarily.

Upon receiving the request, the diplomatic – consular mission forwards it immediately to the relevant Registry Office in Serbia for enrollment of the child in the Register of Births. The application may be submitted to the Registry Office in the municipality which is the last residence of the parent at the time of child’s birth.

The following documents are required:

- Birth Certificate issued by foreign Registry Office  in international form (in cases it is not issued in international form, but as the form of the country in question, it has to be translated, and the translated form shoud be verified by the diplomatic – consular mission of RS ( with the charging of certain fee);

- Proof on Republic of Serbia citizenship  of the parents;

- Marriage Certificate (if the child is born in wedlock) or proof of recognition of paternity (if the child is born out of the wedlock).

Law on Citizenship of the Republic of Serbia