Nis City Administration for Agriculture and Rural Development provides the following services:

Registering a farm;
Issuing the approval for the use of arable land for non – agricultural purposes in the events of planting forests, artificial meadows and pastures on the arable land (IV and V category);
Issuing permits for the usage of the arable land for the exploitation of the mineral raw materials (clay, sand, gravel, peat coal);

- Issuing water management permit;
- Providing assistance in filling in of all the forms;
- Providing assistance with the interpretation of existing regulations;
- Providing legal counsel (in relation to agriculture issues);
- Providing expert help in relation to the rights in agricultural sector;
- Providing information related to public call for awarding incentives;
- Providing information about possibilities for submitting project proposals in the agricultural sector;
- Providing information regarding occurrence of plant diseases;
- Providing instructions regarding protection against pests;
- Providing information about everything that could be useful to agricultural sector;

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**for all additional information please contact Office for Cooperation with Diaspora