18th European festival of Serbian folk dance in Diaspora and Serbs in region

City of Nis was given a great honor to host 18th European festival of Serbian Folk Dance in Diaspora and Serbs in the Region. Over 3000 dancers and fans of Serbian folk dances from Diaspora gathered in Nis. During two festival days the most beautiful of Serbian tradition was presented. The City of Nis was the host of this event for the first time.


44 ensembles competed from 11 countries: Most ensembles, 16 of them, came from Germany, 10 from Austria, 9 from Switzerland, 7 from Slovenia and there were folklore dance groups from France, Montenegro, RepublikaSrpska, Romania and Sweden.The members of these ensembles are young people who are born and live in the Diaspora and for many participants this was the first visit to Serbia.

The Festival was opened ceremonially by Nis City Mayor Mr. Zoran Perisic. „Our folk dancers from all over Europe have invested a lot of effort into their programs and performances and we owe it to them to invest three times more energy to be good hosts. Organizing the festival is a great honor for the City of Nis and we want to convince these young people who might be visiting Serbia for the first time that this country love them and that we want them to come back with their friends. This city has to maintain the good relations with people from Diaspora. This cultural aspect of cooperation is very important but this is not the only one that we want to promote and advance“ as Mayor Perisic said.

Folk Dance Groups from Diaspora cherish the traditions of folk dance that are national traits of the homeland. In order to participate at the Festival the dance groups had to pass the qualifications in the countries where they live. Gathering at the festival such as this every year the young foster old friendships, make new ones and socialize at least once a year in their homeland – Serbia or in some of the countries where they live. Folk dance Festivals are also an opportunity to show to each other their skills, as well as the results of their work and commitment.

In addition to the attractive competition programme, the audience had a chance to see the performances of the National Ensemble Kolofrom Belgrade, the National Ensemble Venac from Gracanica, Folklore Ensemble ORO – SKC from Nis and the performance by Culture Club Brdo from Kranj, the last year’s winner of the Festival.